Sailing through the Nautical Paradise of Ionian Islands, exploring free diving locations, watching dolphins and enjoying great company.

Dive off the catamaran, that will enable you to be on the spots and maximize your time in the water   where you like to spend most of your time for spear fishing.

You are free to choose the start times of your dives, early or late starts, mid day breaks, sailing afternoons and evening sunset dives.

Bring your own Fishing equipment with you as well your own spear fishing outfits.

Your captain Alessio and spear diver will guide you to the best spots of Ionian sea!

3 or 7 day trips, maximum 6 people.

Period : June , September and October!

Client Review:

It was amazing trip we did in Ionian sea, September 2017. We got a luxury catamaran Pluto Nautitac 47 that provided everything on it. with amazing friendly and experienced captain and crew (guide) … Salute 🙂
– Massimo, Roma