Catamaran Pluto sailing in the ionian sea

Caribbean Sailing 2019 / 2020

Sail the places you have only dreamed of!

Departure from Martinique, one of the shining jewels of the French Caribbean!

The Marina Le Marin is one of the largest in the Caribbean and is a day sail from the Grenadines!

1° Period    27/12/2019 till  7/ 01/ 2020
2° Period   9/01/2020 till 21/01/2020

On a luxury catamaran with your captain Alessio and hostess Daisy

Price: 2250€ / Person
Flights not included

Sail into this unique experience!

General info + 30 69 75067565

Yoga on deck of catamaran Pluto

Sail in Comfort with Cata Sailing on an Atmospheric YOGA Cruise

Join us on Board our Dynamic, Catamaran, Nautitec 47, Named Pluto. Disconnect from Your Daily Life!

A Seven-Day Cruise to Restore Balance to Your Body and Soul!

Liberate Yourself in the Natural Beauty of the Greek Ionian Islands.

Eli Kamilali, Your Own Private Yoga Facilitator and Thai Massage practitioner Will Accompany You on Your 7-Day Journey Aboard the Luxury Catamaran Pluto, as You Clear Your Mind,

Sharpen Your Senses and Relax Your Body.

Your Daily Programme includes:

  • Morning Meditation and Yoga
  • Breakfast (Juice, cereals, delicious Greek yogurt and fresh fruits)
  • Relaxation time
  • Sailing to the next harbour (anchorage in a bay)
  • Swimming and snorkeling
  • Lunch (a variety of salads)
  • Afternoon Yoga
  • Thai Massage (1 person /day)
  • Relaxation time
  • Dinner (Light) (2 x Dinner ashore)

Yoga Thai Bodywork

Yoga Thai Bodywork brings together active and passive bodywork in original flows of movement that place emphasis on stretching and the natural flow of breath.

Elements of mostly Hatha, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga make up the active part of the bodywork. While participants are working out, selected Thai Massage techniques are applied to each of them in turn, adding to the benefits of their practice. Also, while they are relaxing, offering relief from tension. Thai Massage techniques include stretching, pressing, joint mobilization, percussions that improve blood circulation and rocking that soothes the nervous system.

Eli Kamilali is certified Thai Massage practitioner by Lotus Palm Canada and certified Yoga teacher by Yoga Union.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage balances the body and the mind, relieves muscular tension, increases circulation, improves joints mobility, and enhances flexibility.

A variety of techniques – which include pressing, stretching, rocking, percussions – are combined properly to customize each session for the receiver’s needs. The receiver’s body is guided through a series of postures, many of which resemble yoga asanas, while working along energy lines and pressure points.

The smooth flowing transition from one posture to the other make Thai Massage look like a dance on the mat. Thai Massage takes place on a special mat on the ground, in comfortable clothes.

Cruise Dates:

25 May – 1 June 2019 (up to 6 persons)
1 June – 8 June 2019 (up to 6 Persons)


Ionian Islands (West Coast of Greece): Lefkas, Meganissi, Ithaca, Cephalonia, Kastos and Kalamos.


€ 1,200 per person

The Price Includes:

  • 7-day stay on board the catamaran Pluto
  • All meals (excluding 2 dinners ashore at your own expense)
  • All drinks (including bio wine and beers)
  • Skipper and Hostess ( Alessio Cipriani & Daisy De Troetsel)
  • Fuel and port fees
  • All yoga classes and 1 Thai massage

Prices Do Not Include:

  • Flights
  • Transfers
  • Extra (optional) excursions
  • 2 dinners ashore

Connect with us:
Phone: 0030 6975067565

Facebook: Cata-Sailing Page

Surround Yourself with the Things You Like.

Life is Images of the Mind Expressed.


Port of the beautiful island of Kastos

Cata-Sailing offers: Cabin charter for May and June 2019 in the Ionian Sailing Paradise!

Discover Greece, Spring time is beautiful!

One destination at a time in the Ionian Sailing Paradise!

Comfortable Stay on “Pluto” our Catamaran Nautitec 47. Our friendly captains and crew make sure you have everything you need, whenever you need.

Whether you’re looking to relax on picturesque islands with unspoiled beaches or stimulate your senses in places that have marked ancient history, we can help you experience it all.

Cata-Sailing offers: Cabin charter In May and June 2019!

Set off on your own, in couple or with friends and experience travelling with other people. A way of traveling also a way of sharing the cost on our Catamaran Pluto Nautitec 47.

Just take your own time, rejoin when you feel with the other people and have fun and rewarded time all together.

Dates: 4 – 11 May / 16 – 23 June 2019

A Comfortable Stay While onboard” Pluto” – your home on the sea for one week or more to connect with other people an share life experiences.


Interested in a beautiful sailing experience?

Your captain and crew is ready to assist so that you will get the most enjoyment out of the pleasures the sailing and the islands have to offer.

Let your dreams set sail

Stay up to date!

Get the latest News of Cata-Sailing Charters. In our Blog, we offer interesting articles related to our yachts, our company and sailing in the Ionian Islands.

Happy single cruisers at the beach

Single traveling on Catamaran Pluto!

Set off on your own and experience travelling with other people.

Contact our specialized partner agency Speed Vacanze and join on our Catamaran Pluto for your Next Holiday in Greece Ionian Sea.

Spear fishing ionian sea

Come for a Spear fishing cruise aboard of our safe and comfortable Catamaran Nautitec 47 " Pluto"

Sailing through the Nautical Paradise of Ionian Islands, exploring free diving locations, watching dolphins and enjoying great company.

Dive off the catamaran, that will enable you to be on the spots and maximize your time in the water   where you like to spend most of your time for spear fishing.

You are free to choose the start times of your dives, early or late starts, mid day breaks, sailing afternoons and evening sunset dives.

Bring your own Fishing equipment with you as well your own spear fishing outfits.

Your captain Alessio and spear diver will guide you to the best spots of Ionian sea!

3 or 7 day trips, maximum 6 people.

Period : June , September and October!

Client Review:

It was amazing trip we did in Ionian sea, September 2017. We got a luxury catamaran Pluto Nautitac 47 that provided everything on it. with amazing friendly and experienced captain and crew (guide) … Salute 🙂
– Massimo, Roma